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LeLanne, Deepak, and Weil

Our world filled to the brim with vapid “influencers”, pushing God knows what useless and most likely damaging messages got me thinking of lesser know people who actually need to be heard. Just a short dig unearthed three folks I thought would be interesting to share. They are Jack LaLanne, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Andrew Weil. Although they are from different times and corners, they have all provided significant contributions in the universe of health and wellness and their lives, teachings, and other contributions are worth a look.

While making the rounds as a speaker promoting the benefits of health and wellness, LaLanne earned the nickname “Godfather of Fitness”. He mostly stayed on the nutrition and exercise block, but those two things will obviously bleed over into our mental health whether he was actively talking about those benefits or not. He believed exercise was the linchpin to full and vibrant life. Not only did he design workout programs, he designed a number of workout machines to help his followers get and stay in shape as well. He also hosted a television program in the 1950s to educate viewers on how exercise and healthy living would serve them for years to come.

LeLanne was ahead of his time on individualized prescriptions of exercise. He recognized that not everyone is the same. We have different abilities, different tastes, different situations and he encouraged people to experiment with routines and preferences to find the combination that allowed for daily movement and consistent healthy eating. He understood early on that the “best” exercise and diet routine is “the one that you will do”.

Deepak Chopra is an author and speaker who promotes mind-body connection, spirituality, and holistic medicine. He takes an Eastern philosophy bent coupled with modern science leading to well-being and personal transformation. He encourages his listeners to harness the power of their mind-body connection, practice mindfulness, and adopt a holistic approach to their health. By routinely practicing these, Deepak knows we will find the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical well being. By incorporating mindfulness and holistic practices into our every day, we will enhance our overall health and cultivate a deep understanding of our bodies and how they interact with no only our external worlds, but our internal worlds. This type of connection can prove invaluable and is definitely worth experimentation.

Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil is a physician, author, and speaker advocating for integrative medicine. He preaches a holistic approach to health similar to Deepak, but along with the combination of conventional medicine and alternative complementary treatments. He also focuses on nutrition as did LeLanne, and encourages people to take an active role in their health. Preventative health by way of lifestyle modifications is a cornerstone of his teachings. He’d like us to experiment with various modes and medicines seeking to uncover the root cause of our health issues. This is opposed to the many doctors these days who will abruptly prescribe you a fist full of pills and send you on your way. (Pills they may or may not have a vested monetary interest in.) Dr Weil’s approach will broaden our perspectives on health and wellness leading to a more comprehensive understanding of our own bodies and how to care for them. The other approach is a band-aid for a shotgun blast designed to keep patients coming back as customers.

There are many other stories and positivist influential figures in the world of Health and Wellness, these are just three I picked for whatever reason. They can all serve as a source of guidance and jumping off point for our learning journey. By looking at these types of people we will gain insight and knowledge and develop a proper health and wellness toolbox to make positive tweaks and changes to our own lives.

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