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How often do you hear the word “can’t”? Lately, it seems the word is thrown around more and more and it’s brutally discouraging to hear. I don’t know exactly when it started to be so blatant to me; I just know “can’t” is more and more noticeable lately. I do my best to strategically curate “follows” and “friends” efforting to keep negativity exposure to a minimum. It’s like water though, seeping through cracks and flowing downhill. Inevitable. We have to be ducks.

Can’t” is self defeating and self limiting. With so many outside factors in the world already working against us, why work against ourselves? Why add internal limits? Why be submissive? The habitual nature the human mind takes to repeated “can’t” is the same it takes to everything else we repeat. “Can’t” will slowly poison our psyche leading to more and more “can’t”.

Can’t” makes our immediate physical world easy and keeps us out of uncomfortable (and likely productive) situations for the short term. It’s a good way to make it easy on ourselves and a good excuse for not cultivating the mindset we know is best. If we don’t know where to start, we just say we “can’t” do it at all. That way we don’t have to research where to begin. “Can’t” doesn’t care where past successful people have started.

Perhaps the most detrimental aspect of “can’t”, is how it will fester and return to us when we introduce that negative flavor of energy into the universe. If we allow “can’t” to become a habit, it infiltrates our persona, psyche, and aura and becomes part of us. People can smell it on us after a while. Fellow “can’t” people will get a whiff and stick around while positive people will be put off. If that happens then our tribe devolves and we’re surrounded more and more with negative energy. Can’t” is substandard in the physical world and outright ruinous in the abstract world.

The good news is all the unwanted side effects of “can’t” have an equal and opposite. You can! If you don’t have your best mindset, ask yourself, “What am I missing? You can. Ask yourself “What is this trying to teach me? You can. Ask yourself “How have other people worked themselves out of this mindset?” You can.

If you’re having a hard time solving a problem, tell yourself you will fix it. Every time following this time will be easier. Know that everyone goes through these exact scenarios and has these exact feelings. There’s nothing wrong with you. There IS something wrong however with resigning to stay in a poisonous mindset and wallowing in it. It’s unbecoming and more importantly it’s unhealthy.

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