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"Be the change" - Not Gandi apparently

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a strong, resonating quote we see all over the place many times attributed to Gandi. While researching for this little post, I read that attribution may be inaccurate, but no alternate source was given. Neither here nor there. It’s a good quote and even better practice.

The quote is a simple call to action. “Someone should do something!….Wait a minute….I’m someone.” We need to be the ones setting the example. The ones making good things happen.

The bystander effect is a phenomenon where people are reluctant or outright refuse to provide assistance when in a group of people. The larger the group of people, the less likely it is for an individual to step up. The smaller the group, the more likely.

This cannot be the way. Step up. Be someone. It doesn’t have to be an emergency situation. Write the book you want to read. Invent the product that will solve the problem you have. Give the homeless guy some food and water. Get the bird out of the downspout he’s trapped in.

Yes, it will likely be uncomfortable and you may fail. But the fact that you tried will not go unnoticed and just might spur someone else to step up next time they have the opportunity. If we want to see a better world (this one sure needs some help) the best place to start is with ourselves.

This doesn’t have to always be on some grand scale either. If you think too many people constantly stare at their phones, leave yours at home. If you think the population is unhealthy and sedentary, YOU move more and eat real food. You don’t have to harangue people. They’ll take note, even if only subconsciously.

The more you proactively craft your immediate world and put that energy out, the more it will cascade and be reciprocated in larger circles. I promise you’ll start to see more of the things that make you happy for others.

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